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Barista / counter girl
Amai Tea and coffee bakery
Responsible for opening and closing shifts, making espresso drinks, tea, hot chocolate, measuring a filling tea bags, handling and ringing up orders, pastries display, designing display boards, maintaining a clean health code adhering workspace, ensuring a pleasant experience for all customers, training new baristas, cutting and packaging whole sale cookie orders, making bank deposits, washing dishes and preparing sandwiches.           

Was trained by Counter Culture Coffee in latte and cappuccino making.

Staff member at children’s art program
Through “the Liberty partnership program” through the “School of Visual arts
A scholarship program for at risk junior high to high school students.
Assistant Photoshop instructor
Works one on one with students, conduct classes and lessons. Teaches use of digital media with Adobe Photoshop, photo manipulation and digital coloring.
Assistant Silk screen instructor
Supervises silk screening and walking students through the process.

Lead instructor
Handled lesson plans and instruction for a multiple unit full term class on the art and structure of story telling in graphic sequential narrative such as graphic novels and comics.


Personal assistant                                                                      Stephanie Foxx Studio
Handled errands, phones, mailings, photo retouching, image splicing and altering. Preparing image labels for printing, design editing.

Union square spinal care (chiropractic care)
Handled phones, making appointments, pulling and organizing patient records.

Office assistant
Strategic communications group.
Performed many different jobs; including site administration, customer service, temp receptionist, shipping receiving clerk, data entry, filing and acting as a personal assistant.
Graphic design assistant.
Photo retouching image splicing and altering.

Illustrator for "Youth Communications"
Art director: Joanne Pendola
Part-time spot illustrator for articles both color and black & white. Designed many covers for "New Youth Connections", designed several covers for "Represent" and collaborated on a three separate covers. Designed a Special Addition cover for a Prison issue of "Foster Care Youth United".


Comic artist
Working for the subscription website “GirlaMatic”, a comic site that is directed for female readership. Artist of a weekly full color comic “Arcana Jayne”. Handles pencils, inks, digital color and lettering.

Did a comic for a paid anthology called “Otazine”

Work as a freelance artist
Designed and created caricatures, commissioned comics, character designs, cards, illustrations and logos.
Otakon merchandise artist.
Designed shirts, decals, magnets, pins and stamps.
Purple Skies magazine illustrator

Webmaster & Designer
Designer and Webmaster of 16 websites
Four active Websites on-line
Genki Inc. -
Listless Scrawling -
Wander -
Hyp.H.EN. –

Clay Model Maker
Created crowd scene clay figures for the 1994 short film, "Mr. Bill goes to Washington" - Listed in the film's credits.


Unique skills and interests

Art tools: Prisma color marker, Tria color marker, Copic marker,
Prisma color pencils, watercolor, Acrylic paint, pen and ink, Tin carving, Screen Tone(Zippa tone) and print making.
Sculpey III, ceramic clay, plaster
Computer Software Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image ready, Final cut pro, Corel Painter, Portal graphics Open Canvas, Jasc Paint shop pro, Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage, MS Word & MS Excel.



The School of Visual Art (BFA)
Sept 2003 - 2008
Major: Illustration , cartooning

The School of Visual Art (Masters)
Sept 2008 – 2011
Major: Art education (M

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and Performing Arts
Sept 1999- June 2003
Major: Visual Art

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